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Waste collection and treatment: Red-Plast Sarl commits to transforming the Nkongsamba City Council into an ecological city by 2025

(EcoFinances) – Red-Plast Sarl, a company that has specialised in waste collection and recycling for the past ten years, has undertaken not only to help the Nkongsamba City Council,   in the Moungo Division (Littoral region),  gets rid of its rubbish, but also to  transform it into an ecological city by providing locally available innovative solutions for waste management and recovery by 2025. Alain Rodrigue Ngonde Elong, who is the Managing Director, gave assurances to this effect to the mayor of this city council of more than 300,000 inhabitants, at the end of a working session he had with the latter on Monday 21 August 2023.

« We have set ourselves the challenge of transforming Nkongsamba and its 300,000 inhabitants into an ecological city, by bringing in innovative waste management and recovery solutions available locally. Our aim is to make Nkongsamba the first city council in Cameroon to recover almost all its household waste by December 2025 », he explains, adding that the Nkongsamba City Council and Red-Plast have been partners for almost two (02) years.

In Nkongsamba, household waste has been collected and recycled for around two years.

An alternative to the main national competitor

Although still in the development phase, this one-year partnership (tacitly renewable) between the two entities comes at a time when this city council, like most of the country’s decentralised local authorities, is facing a number of challenges in terms of the collection, sorting and treatment of household waste. « In most councils, collection equipment is often inadequate. Added to this difficulty are the lack of selective sorting, the absence of developed landfill sites, the lack of public awareness of waste management.  And finally, household waste, over 75% of which consists of organic matter, is not recycled« , explains the MD of Red Plast.

The company, which boasts of ten years of experience in waste collection and recycling, is now positioning itself as a good alternative to the main national competitor (Hysacam), which only collects and buries waste.



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