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Dschang Council: After handing over the keys of 44 shops to traders, Mayor Jacquis Kemleu launches construction works of 200 new shops

(EcoFinances) – The mayor of the Dschang Council , in the Menoua Division  (West Region), Jacquis Gabriel Kemleu Tchabgou,  has launched , over the past few days,  construction works of 200 new shops, the keys of which will be handed over to traders in the upcoming months, according to a release made public on Monday 21 August 2023 by the specialized services of the mayor’s office. This follows the inauguration ceremony of the 44-shop commercial block at the Dschang « Marché B » last July.

« During the inauguration ceremony of the 44-shop commercial block at « Marché B », we promised to continue with the construction of 200 other modern shops so as  to offer opportunities to shopkeepers by providing them with attractive and well-equipped commercial spaces in which to develop their activities, in line with our vision of promoting the growth of small businesses, stimulating the local economy, improving the image of the town and creating jobs« , the mayor of Dschang said.

Mayor Jacquis Kemleu handing over the keys to a shop to a trader in Dschang on 20 July 2023.

Far from being a mere campaign promise, the standard-bearer of the « Mandate of Challenges » is gradually putting his words into action, as the people of this town of over 400,000 are delighted to see. « I have great admiration for the efforts our mayor is making to improve the living conditions of the people of Dschang. Mr Kemleu promised us new shops and he is keeping his word. And that’s very good. Just as we’re seeing him involved in the collection and treatment of household waste. Let’s hope that he continues along this path, for the happiness of all of us, » says Elisabeth Mezatio Fouelefack.

As a reminder, the construction of the shops in the Dschang municipality  will not only solve the thorny problem of unsanitary conditions in the markets, but will also enable the council to better collect the revenue it so badly needs to better respond to the challenges faced by the population on a daily basis.



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