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Banana sector: Exports by PHP, CDC and BPL Plc continue to rise in September, following a rebound in August 2023

With a total of 19,734 tons of bananas exported in September, Cameroon has achieved its best performance in this sector since the start of the 2023 financial year.

(EcoFinances) – Cameroon’s three banana producing and exporting companies, PHP, CDC and Boh Plantations Plc, exported a total of 19,734 tons of bananas abroad in September 2023, according to data compiled and made public on 03 October by Assobacam (the Cameroon Banana Association), the body responsible for representing and defending the interests of producers vis-à-vis third parties and national and foreign public authorities.

The quantity of bananas exported in September was far greater than that shipped abroad in August (13,815 tons). And much more than in July (11,764 tons). These exports grew by 42.8% and 67.7% respectively. This gives Cameroon its best performance in banana exports since the start of the year, since the last time the country’s banana exports were so high was in March 2023 (19,227 tons).

PHP maintains its leading position in September

The data made available by Assobacam show, in detail, that PHP (Plantations du Haut Penja) remained (unsurprisingly) the country’s leading banana producer and exporter in September 2023, with a total of 15,887 tons, its best performance since the start of the current financial year (after 15,744 tons exported in March).

The country’s second-largest banana producer and exporter, the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC), made do with 2,668 tons in September. This was slightly less than the 2,795 tons exported in August, and much less than the 2,035 tons exported in July. On the other hand, Boh Plantations Plc stepped up its exports in September, with 1179 tons, compared with 1024 tons in August and 1015 tons in July.

Although Assobacam does not provide any details as to the reasons for this upturn, it is nonetheless true that it could help to rebalance the decline recorded between January and July 2023. Especially if it continues, as is often the case, during the last five months of the year (August-December).

As a reminder, exports by these three companies fell by 12.9% during the first seven months of the current financial year, due to a number of factors: high input costs on international markets, the adverse effects of climate change, etc.



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