Drinking water supply: the mayor of Dschang signs the charter for good collaboration between the stakeholders in the Water Supply Project

On Monday 28 August 2023, Jacquis Gabriel Kemleu Tchabgou took part in the official launching ceremony of Phase II of the Drinking Water Supply Project (AEP) for 09 towns in Garoua Boulai (East Region), under the chairmanship of the Minister of Water and Energy (Minee), Gaston Eloundou Essomba.

The mayor of Dschang, Jacquis Kemleu Tchabgou, signing the charter of good collaboration of the stakeholders in the AEP Project, on Monday 28 August 2023 in Garoua Boulai.

(EcoFinances) – On Monday 28 August 2023 in Garoua-Boulai (Eastern Region), the mayor of the Dschang Council , Jacquis Gabriel Kemleu Tchabgou, signed the charter of good collaboration between the parties involved in the 09-town drinking water supply project (AEP) phase 2, during the ceremony to launch the 2nd phase of the said project, presided over by the Minister of Water and Energy (Minee), Gaston Eloundou Essomba.

During the event, guests witnessed the signing and exchange of documents relating to Amendment No. 02 to the commercial contract for the AEP project between the CEO of Camwater, Blaise Moussa, and the Chinese company Cgccoc, the successful bidder for the works contract, under the gaze of the Mayor of Dschang and his fellow beneficiaries of the project concerned.

The minister seized the opportunity to point out that at the end of the 2nd phase of the project, « the work carried out will make it possible to improve the quality and quantity of drinking water supply in the towns concerned, with a total input of 74,400 m3/day ». With particular regard to the town of Dschang, the AEP project will, among other things, enable the rehabilitation and extension of production facilities to a capacity of 7,000 m3/d, the densification of the distribution network, and the installation of generators at all project sites.

Arrival at Garoua Boulai and discussions with the CEO of the Chinese company awarded the contract to rehabilitate and extend the water production facilities in the town of Dschang… and his colleagues

« The preparatory work has already begun », says Mayor Jacquis Kemleu, who, despite having returned to Cameroon at around 11pm on Sunday 27 August (after a mission abroad), was able to take the road to Garoua Boulai at around 1am to take part in this important event.

As a reminder, Phase II of the AEP Project dates back to March 2018. Month of the signature between the State of Cameroon and Eximbank of China of the loan agreement of 123 million euros (63 billion FCFA). This major funding has been mobilised by the State to supply drinking water to five main towns: Garoua Boulai, Dschang, Garoua, Maroua and Yabassi. According to the authorities, the works will take 36 months to complete.


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